Supporting International Exchange Campaigns

Our Process


Every year the Bureau of Educational Cultural Affairs (ECA) at the US Department of State produces and runs a series of global digital campaign events that promote public diplomacy. 

The task: Simplify management and development of unique international social campaign websites.

The problem:

Every year the Bureau would support the digital operations for several major public diplomacy events. Such events include International Education Week, International Women of Courage, and the IVLP Faces of Exchange. As a result, the digital team had to support numerous websites, each with its unique design and style, which was quite time-consuming and challenging for an already overworked team. The primary contractor Async-Nu-Microsystems reached out to us to help them with this task.

The Solution

Develop a single multi-platform campaign publishing system that allowed web and social media editors a single portal to update and manage the campaign's digital operations. To do this, we decided to go heads first with building out a brand new Drupal 8 website. Rather than building out new page templates and designs for each new website, we worked with the design team to develop a component-based design system. This system soon became instrumental in the product's success. It freed up resources allowing the team to work on other creative projects such as a social media name generator game.

The result:

As a result, Digital Confection was able to streamline several manual tasks and simplify how the Bureau of Educational Cultural Affairs produced new digital campaign projects.