Promoting Self-empowerment with OllyJolly

Our Process


OllyJolly is an online e-commerce clothing shop that sells empowerment apparel. 

The task: Build an online presence that showcases the brand while providing an e-commerce solution that will integrate with existing 3rd parties.

The problem:

The OllyJolly brand brings joy and empowerment to its products. The team found itself spending more time dealing with operational and system issues than developing new products. We knew from the start that any solution required maximizing automation on operational tasks so the team can do what they do best. To do this, we decided to leverage WordPress with WooComerce for its customization and flexibility 

Out of the box, WooComerce came with many of the significant e-commerce functions we needed, and with the plugin nature of WordPress spinning up, the site was relatively simple. This approach's benefit allowed us to spend more of our resources developing system automatons and brand development. 

For the style, we went with creating a custom child theme using the popular Storefront theme. As Storefront had many of the needed theme and functions built-in, we decided to add a style layer on top of it that was minimal to help keep the users' attention on the product (which we think are just awesome). Additionally we developed the base design to deploy unique campaign pages for products part of a more extensive series. In the end, the team had a digital solution that was easy to use and flexible to help them achieve their needs.

The mobile app. 

In addition to the website, we were also fortunate to have been able to design and build their mobile app. The OllyJolly Mobile app was an enjoyable project to work on as it was a simple app that sent users daily motivational messages. Using a custom-derived framework, we built a native iOS app using just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While we enjoyed learning a bit of Swift to help fix the gaps along the way, we loved how we could use the flexibility, power, and creativity of the web to achieve this.

The end result:

In the end, OllyJolly was very satisfied with the work we did. Our ability to help develop their online e-commerce presence, streamline processes, and provide the technical support needed makes it an excellent on-going relationship.