Helping a Community of Freelancers

Our Process

The Washington DC Metro is home to well over 2,000+ freelancers and independent business owners. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the region experienced a massive paradigm shift as many who no longer had a job now found themselves now as freelancers. 

Freelance DC was just an informal Facebook Group for fellow freelancers to connect and share tips and tricks. With the massive influx of people joining due to COVID-19, the demand for help, access to resources, and information were direr. The community identified the need to expand its digital presence, and we were happy to help.

As leaders of the Digital Working Group, we helped identify two major obstacles the organization faced. The first of which was that beyond Facebook, the group had no other presence. And the second was that there was no centralized directory of members that others can quickly find and connect with. With the help of other community members, we led the development of a brand new marketing website and a self-maintaining peer-to-peer member directory to solve these two problems. 

For the marketing website, we decided on WordPress for its wide use and easy learning curve. As for the member directory, we decided to build it using Drupal. While WordPress has a social network such as BuddyPress. We found it for specific needs; drupal was the better platform for its flexible field API that allowed for more advanced automation and field level configurations. As a result of our work, Freelance DC saw an uptake in community involvement and a rise in brand awareness. 

*Logo and brand design by Stacy Kleber Design, LLC.