OpenReporter started as a side project back in 2012. It eventually evolved into a pioneering startup in 2014 focused on improving journalism by making it easier for reporters to find unique stories.

Inspired by the Twitter revolutions of early 2012, it pioneered leveraging smartphone geo capabilities to report stories on the ground to a community network of journalists. Sadly as with many startups, its product was just too early for its time and closed its doors in early 2016.

Yet perseverance is vital, as its founder never could let it go, even when so many after trying and failed. Nevertheless, the code was still archived. Five years later, at the start of 2021, it was decided to unarchive the code and bring it back to life Under the new stewardship of Digital Confection.

The work that started many years ago can resume as an open-source app that connects individuals and mobilizes communities.

We welcome people to explore the codebase, find bugs and offer suggestions as we collectively improve and keep this project running.