Move Your Community Forward.

Reduce the time it takes to connect with on-the-ground sources. Simplify communication and get near real-time reporting of the situation on the ground.

Connect with on the ground sources.
Respond to reports in real-time.
Mobilize your community and act.

Powerful Features.

Intuitive Dashboard
& User Administration

With its simple user interface, OpenReporter makes it easy to get a birds-eye view of what's happening on the ground. Sleek fast and accessible via any web browser. Easily connect with your organizers on the ground.

Simple User Experience
& Onboarding.

Remove the hassle of downloading and supporting multiple mobile apps. With its mobile-first responsive design, the general user experience makes it super simple for users to sign up and start reporting within minutes.

Proudly Open-Source.

We value the importance of making an impact. That is why we made OpenReporter open source, making it free for you to host it on your server.

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