Freelance & Agency Support Services


Are you a freelancer or agency in need of a creative technical partner? Do you find yourself in a position where you have more work than you can handle? A template you need to be built out or extra backend development muscle for an important project? Our agency and freelance support service a service just for you.

What is it?

Digital Confection's Freelance and Agency Support Services is a private label service for your business. Here we work with you as a sub-contractor assisting you with development, design, and strategy support. We seamlessly integrate with your existing working ecosystem providing a flawless experience.

Services we offer

  • Custom Drupal module development
  • WordPress debugging
  • Template conversion 
  • Technology planning and strategy

What benefits does this provide?

Minimal oversight needed - When we take on a task, we then work to own it. So long as the deadline and scope are explicitly set, you won't need to worry about if a job will not get done.

Flexible standards - we know people have their own processes and ways. We take pride in how easily we can integrate with your internal operations, code repositories, or other methods.

Active communication - always at the forefront of what's going on. We make sure you are well aware of all that we are doing to have peace of mind that everything is running smoothly. 

Straightforward pricing - we offer flexible pricing and plans dependent on the service you are looking for. Please reach out to us with questions.


If you are a designer or agency and think our Freelance and Agency Support Service is for you or have additional questions, please reach out to us to learn more.