A custom simple, straightforward content management system packed with all the features needed to easily create and publish a website.

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What's Included

A Custom Designed Website

Our package includes an all-inclusive design and development process built on top of a one-of-a-kind system that we guarantee you will enjoy. Your website will be original and unique from start to finish.

Straightforward to Manage and Update

Never worry about plugins or passwords or complicated configurations. Built with time-tested languages updating your website will simply work.

Its blend of existing methods yet flexibility creates a unique platform that makes additions simple and straightforward.

Packed With Features

Simple Editor

Confection makes it radically easy to publish blog posts and create content.

Easy Login

No password is needed. Confection sends you a unique token to your email to log in.


Just under 1MB in size, its fast and packed with all the features a website needs.

Database Free

Confection requires no database, making it fast, more secure, and easier to backup.

Content Blocks

Easily embed content into any part of the template, while editing it from the admin.

Headless Ready

Confection can become a full-powered headless CMS with just one click.

SEO Ready

Built with SEO in mind, all your pages are already optimized from the start.

Media Manager

Easily manage images, files, and more from the built-in media manager.

Multi User

Need to grant additional access? No problem. Confection makes multi-user a breeze.

The Process


We work with you and your team to determine your exact needs as we bring your website to life. You’ll feel supported every step of the way.

Draft & Design

We then will create a custom design draft using the content you provide. We’ll then iterate on the concept to make it perfect.

Create & Build

After you approve the design, we quickly move to implement your site, bringing it to life for you to review and share with stakeholders.


Once everything looks good, we make the site live. The entire process takes only a couple of weeks from start to finish!


An all-inclusive custom package that will get you up and running in no time.

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Confection is a subscription service that includes:

  • Custom design website
  • Hand-on collaboration
  • Setup and implementation
Your package also includes 12 months of service (including hosting, platform maintenance, and security). After the first year, this subscription service is just $99/month.

Custom Feature

Do you have a custom feature or a unique functionality you would like to integrate with Confection? Please inquire about our custom feature services.

Our Story

When we started building websites many years ago, we fell in love with how a few lines of code could impact the world. We love building websites and enjoy the process of helping others do the same.

We find that today with so many options, websites tend to lose the originality of what makes the web unique. With Confection, we built a system that allows us to offer the many features you expect but with the fluid and customization matched unlike any other.